What’s an outdoor escape room?

What is really the point in escaping while you are already outside?

– First one to ask

That’s a great question! Usually Escape rooms have a knack of providing you a backstory, where you are held inside a room, where you must escape by using your wits. After that Escape rooms have developed to something further. They are their own worlds so to speak. Underwater temples, scenes from horror movies and space stations. However, they are still contained and limited worlds and we want to go further. What if the story takes place in a whole city, and a stroll in the streets could turn into an agent movie or a quest after a lost loved one?

We create captivating stories where the city is your play field. Essentially, you will be solving puzzles that will be using your surroundings in Helsinki, and you will be moving around the city from checkpoint to checkpoint, like in geocaching or city orienteering. For those who are into history and a good story, there will be historical facts about the city, a story line to follow and some choices you must make as well, which will carry on to the other chapters. Also, we have something for you who are feeling a bit competitive; you will get a final score based on how many points you solved and how fast you were.

How do I play these?

Each game you will buy will be provided with a team link in the email address you have provided, which will be activated after you have gone to the first checkpoint and agreed to start. You only need one smartphone to play the game. All of our games are situated in the city center of Helsinki, and they are of a walking distance from central railway station.

When I can play these?

Well, almost any time. We consider it’s best to start between 11 am and 11 pm, so that you will get all that you can get from the adventure.

So, I don’t have to book anything really?

No, you don’t. Basically you just buy the game and get going, simple as that!

How many players can attend?

There can be a maximum of five players per a game ticket. But have you ever tried to watch one phone with five persons? Well, it gets kinda cozy. So if you are looking for a little more room to explore, we recommend that you try it out three or four! You can also try out our game by yourself, it comes with an audio as well.

If you need a game for a group that is larger than 15 players, please request a quotation, so we can organize a custom game for you!

Where are these games?

The game routes are situated in the central area of Helsinki. The starting points for the routes are always told on the starting page. Starting points are either on Senaatintori or Rautatientori.