Ordo Arx Nivei: Part I: In the Footsteps of a Novice


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This is the first part of our Ordo Arx Nivei trilogy. A good friend of yours, professor of didactics has gone missing. You happen to know he was studying a certain Finnish secret society. Could this be related to his disappearance?

You received an email from him with a single link. Maybe this will help you find your friend. Let the adventure in the center of Helsinki begin…

One game pass is playable by a maximum of five persons.

This game starts from Senaatintori and lasts approximately 2 hours. Track is approximately 3 km long.

Select a team leader, who will keep track of the game. You can switch phone on the go, if you are running out of the battery just by sending the link to other participant. There is no time limit to finish the game but do note that COVID-19 can affect to closing times of some of the checkpoints.
This game has one to two checkpoints inside a building, and game instructs to them. Remember to use a mask when inside and please follow the instructions given in the checkpoints! You might require COVID-19 certificate at indoor locations. If you don’t have a certificate, please contact our support line in game, so we can organize alternative route.
You can also listen to instructions in by pressing play button above the question title.